Hydraulic systems

Custom products

Hydraulic systems adapted to your specific needs.

Have a simple or complex hydraulic project in mind?
Our experts will design, manufacture, and install your system flawlessly. They can:

  • design, manufacture, and install power units;
  • design special equipment, such as pit jacks and hydraulic presses;
  • install PTOs, pumps, valves, and telescopic cylinders on trucks;
  • install hydraulic hoses and lines;
  • add or modify hydraulic components on your equipment;
  • and much more!

See below for the steps we take to complete your custom-made hydraulic system.

01. Project requested by client

Whether you have a specific plan or an idea scribbled on a napkin, call or visit us to tell us about your project and your needs.

02. Recommendations by a team of experts

Our experts analyze your project, make recommendations, and develop the hydraulic system that can do exactly what you want and need it to.

03. Estimate

At your request, our team will provide an estimate for your project.

04. Production

If you approve the estimate provided, we will begin to manufacture your hydraulic system. From initial design to creation, we are the sole participants in your project.

Speedy delivery

Made in Quebec

Quality guaranteed

Want to design a hydraulic system adapted specifically to your business?