We operate in the following industry sectors.

Cusson hydraulic cylinders and components are renowned for their performance in various industry sectors. Here are a few industries where Cusson cylinders are invaluable!


Have land to level or drain? Machinery to tow? Many heavy machinery manufacturers in farming choose Cusson cylinders and components for their unbeatable quality. Thanks to our impressive inventory, we have hydraulics parts for just about every type of machinery!


When you’re working in the heart of the forest, you need reliable equipment! That’s why manufacturers of forestry and wood-processing equipment and accessories (mill grinders, splitters, shears and more), trust our custom-made hydraulic cylinders.


When you need to hoist your material up high, using reliable hydraulic cylinders is more important than ever! At Cusson, we design and manufacture hydraulic systems known for their reliability and their ability to get the job done time after time.


Performance, reliability, and safety: three central aspects for any user or manufacturer of excavation machinery. We make custom hydraulic cylinders for buckets and attachments, as well as valves for safe quick hitch control. Plus, we install safety valves in the event of hydraulic hose breakdowns.


Thanks to Cusson cylinders, countless truck drivers feel safe and confident on the road every day. Our reliable hydraulic system components are recognized in towing, traffic signalling, and waste collection.

Snow removal

With reliable Cusson hydraulic cylinders, Mother Nature can bring on the snow! Manufacturers of snow removal equipment such as snow blowers, snowplows, wing post systems and dump body systems trust our expertise for smooth equipment operation.

Agri-food industry

In the agri-food industry, food safety requirements are highly stringent. At Cusson, we manufacture custom stainless-steel cylinders and distribute chrome-plated hydraulic components such as motors and valves that meet the standards required in food processing plants.


Our expertise is designing and manufacturing hydraulic units, cylinders and valves that allow you to confidently execute your tasks or optimize your existing machinery operation. No matter the type of manufacturing company you manage, we can meet your needs.

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