Hydraulic cylinders

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Hydraulic cylinders

Cusson Hydraulique, a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders of all kinds, has a wide selection that beats the competition thanks to its pre-machined cylinder parts.

Bushing cylinder

We often find the bushing cylinder in the hydraulic field. It is similar to the clevis, except that bushings are used to connect various moving arms in which a pin is inserted. Hydraulic entry and exit are SAE female threaded.

We have a large inventory of bushings with a 3,000 PSI max operating pressure.

Clevis cylinder

The clevis cylinder is often found in agriculture, though it is largely used in other fields as well. It is assembled with u-joints in which a one-inch-diameter pin is inserted. Entry and exit are SAE female threaded.

We carry a large inventory of clevis cylinders with a 3,000 PSI max operating pressure.

Thread cylinder

The thread cylinder is one of the smallest cylinders we have in stock. Its piston diameter is 1-1/2″. Moreover, the pin end is threaded, so you can screw on the attachment of your choice. Nothing is welded into place, giving you the freedom to use the type of clamp you need.

Telescopic cylinder

Need a telescopic cylinder for your trailer or truck? We have what you need. Contact one of our specialists today, they will be pleased to help you find what you’re looking for.

Can’t find the right cylinder size for your needs?